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No-Nonsense, Accurate, and Entertaining!

Love these women! They tell it like it is, and it’s hilarious. A great listen whether you want to learn more about the insane NYC real estate market, or chuckle about the craziness that can only be found in New York.

Real estate advice at it’s best….

I absolutely love Denise and Sharon’s brand of honest, real and insightful advice about buying real estate in NYC. Plus, the great chemistry between these two makes the podcast ever so fun to listen to - and learn from.

Great content, fun conversations, substantial and valuable industry knowledge.

Great content, fun conversations, substantial and valuable industry knowledge. Love that they are short 10 minute episodes and to the point.

Loving this

Great advice given like true New Yorkers - succinct and to the point but yet really entertaining.


Most New Yorkers, including me, enjoy getting a glimpse of how other New Yorkers live. It’s a bit voyeuristic. The funny anecdotes in this podcast about buyers, sellers and brokers expose other fascinating aspects of the NYC’s chaotic real estate industry. The lessons are probably helpful too - for people buying and selling apartments (and perhaps for new real estate brokers).

The absolute best

Denise and Sharon give the best advice that’s usable and for anyone — regardless of experience level.

Real Estate Broads

I LOVE THESE LADIES! Can’t wait to hear more! They’ve got a great sound and clearly have tons of experience and knowledge in the real estate market in NYC!